OGame Automizer v1.0.30
Last Update 11/2015
Welcome to OGame Automizer : The way it should be played

OGame Automizer is the most powerful OGame Bot with many automation modules. Here the most remarkable modules :
Farming/Hunter Bot with Integrated Battle Simulator can simulate battles and evaluate enemy during farming, means attacking automatically inactive or active players, all that with 0% losses.
Construction Queue will invest in your scheduled buildings/technologies when the needed ressources are reached, even more, there is a Construction Simulator that can develop your planets in your place by selecting the most optimale construction list for your planets, it's very useful for new colony development. And all that in 3-5 clicks !
Automized Transporting will transport needed ressources from your colonies just when they are needed and when thay can be provided by your planets.
All that will maintain your account with minimal time investement. And that is the main goal of this software. Reach our underground and addiction free community now.

Look at screens and offered features.
- Manage simultanously accounts on different servers:
.de .pl .fr .it .org .ru .pt .ba .nl .gr .tw .com.hr .com.cn ...
- Fleet Saver
- Free SMS notification, if attacked/spied
- Battle Simulator with Fleet Sender and Fleet Scheduler (You don't need SpeedSim anymore)
- Farm ACTIVE/INACTIVE players WITH/WITHOUT defenses
- Automated Planet Development, Construction Queue can be defined by you
or a Construction Simulator
- Automated Debris Recycler
- Spy Players Activity
- Sound alerts (attack, spying, new message, your attack is arriving to destination)
- E-mail notification, if attacked
- Customizable Sounds (Place your Hard Core .mp3 in "MySoundsWhenI'mAttacked" to play them when you are attacked)
- Fleets movements
- Overview of all planets (fleets movements, production and buildings/techs/fleets/defences)
- Players Data Base
- Integrated Browser (Mozilla or IE, accoding to OS)
- Proxy connection supported (only Basic HTTP/Proxy Connection is supported)
- Script in-OGame actions via OA Scripting facilities
- Remote account access
- Languages support (translated in 23 languages)

Configuration :
OGameAutomizer.jar : OS compatible : Windows, Linux, Mac OS X (*) : need Java 1.5 or higher
OGameAutomizer.exe : OS compatible : Windows only
Installeted JRE 1.5 or better 1.6
Min screen resolution : 1024x768
Memory usage : 128 Mb, OGame Players Data Base will ask up to 256 Mb from your system
* - newer version uses Integrated Internet Browser or Integrated Mozilla, and supports that feature only on x86 version of JRE. IE is used on Windows, Mozilla on Linux.

Screenshots :
Main Window
Bot Window
Simulator Window
Database OGame Players
Running Under Mac OS X, JRE 1.5
Running Under Linux, JRE 1.6