OGame Automizer

OGame Automizer for OGame RD 5.8.6/6.0.7

Download Download OA for OGame RD 5.8.6/6.0.7 (under Commercial License)

OS compatible : Windows, Linux, Mac OS X : need Java 1.6 or higher

OGame Automizer for OGame 0.84 only (very very Old universes)

Not compiled Source Code - OA for OGame 0.84 (under GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE))
v0.99.31 Full Source Code with needed libs
v0.99.31 Full Source Code without needed libs (just copy the folder 'libs' from working OA)

Java OGame Battle Simulator : FREE download

(Integrated in OGame Automizer since 2007/10/23 v0.78)

JOBS Version 0.71.0 (with the Source Code : all under GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE)