Installation Instructions

Getting Started with OgameAutomizer (We will refer to it as OA):

Download → Extract and run

First you need to Download OA. After you need to extract everything contained inside the archive in a new folder (for example: create a New Folder on your Desktop, and name it OA)


Unpack the zip file "" in a folder

Run OGameAutomizer.exe: windows users who have Account Security enabled must previously confirm OGameAutomizer.exe as Secure (see below).

Figure 1. Windows 7 users with problems can try running OA as administrator ( right click on OGameAutomizer.exe -→ choose "Run As Administrator" ; this fixes many issues with Windows 7 )

"Run As Administrator" procedure is not needed anymore. However disabling UAC is warmly suggested.

If it doesn’t work, make sure you have the latest version of JAVA installed on your PC ( follow the hyperlink in order to verify which version of JAVA is installed on your system)

Install JAVA (JRE or JDK version)

Install JAVA Environment if needed: Install Java

OGameAutomizer is compatible with JRE 1.6 (x86/x64) and higher. In case you are running x64 system, still consider installing x86 version for lower memory usage and compatibility with internal OA browser.

Start OA - first time run options

  • Launch OGameAutomizer.exe - OA logo will show up, then will launch OA jar file using Java.

  • Alternatively you can launch "OGameAutomizer.jar" by double clicking


If it doesn’t work, make sure you have JAVA Runtime Environment installed, then use "run.bat" file. If it still doesn’t work, edit "run2.bat" and modify the link to "java.exe"

Edit the file run2.bat (located in OA folder) and copy this string :

"C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.6.0_07\bin\java.exe" -jar OGameAutomizer.jar startOA

Where "C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.6.0_07\bin\java.exe" is the path to the installed Java (edit so that it points to the location where Java is installed on your PC) Save the file and execute it (double click on run2.bat)

  1. Go to Advanced Options:

    • select the language (mandatory but auto-corrected by OA)

    • universe speed (optional/auto-detected)

    • bashing rules (mandatory)

    • recycle ratio (mandatory)

  2. Set header to Integrated Browser or Default Browser Advanced users can refer to "super ogame: Firefox + OA + Foxgame/Antigame, etc. by setting the default browser and using Firefox 3.6 as the default browser.

  3. Enter server address → \* (where the first * is your universe ie. andromeda, uni1, uni2, etc. and the second * is your server’s domain ie. .org, .de, etc.) so for example if you’re playing in the andromeda server of .org you’d use the server address - optionally you may also copy the overview url from your open ogame account in your browser and OA will fill this field in for you automatically

  4. Enter your Ogame Username & Password → click Login (auto-login is suggested and enabled by default)

  5. Initialization Begins (takes about 1 - 15 minutes to complete. Allow it to complete so OA will display all of your account information)

Figure 2. Green boxes in the image below indicates mandatory fields:

Next section will speak about: Understanding the Graphical User Interface (GUI)

Global Options

Drop Down Line[[Drop Down Line]]

File Options About

The Drop Down Line allows many functions including "Support" to be accessed and has the following drop-down menus: File, Options and About. Further explanation is given below for each menu.


Create New Account

Allows you to create a new profile of the account that you would like to manage with OA. Each new account is conveniently tacked into a new tab right below the [Options]. You can have up to 16 accounts managed simultaneously by OA. You can also right-click the [Account Tabs Line] and click create new account

Delete Current Account

Deletes the account that you have selected. You will be able to re-create the account. (You can also right-click a user tab and click delete to delete that account)

Shutdown Windows

Shuts down Windows. Make sure that you have saved your work with any open programs before you choose this option


Exits OA application

Options[[Top Options]]

Enable Debugging Mode

Enabling Debugging Mode is available in case you have to produce a Bug report, more information is available here

Start Minimized

This option will make OA start minimized in your system tray (If latest Java is installed)

Download Updates Automatically

This Option will allow OA, at start up, to search for and install necessary updates (No personal data is collected or transmitted). If selected, OA will automatically update.


OA makes a backup before updating itself, located in the OA folder as Backup_VERSION folder. You will also find there: OGameAutomizer.jar, it’s the main file, and when started it checks the existence of all needed files and if needed downloads them all.

Therefore if OA update fails, because of connection problems or problems on the server, just replace OGameAutomizer.jar with the one that has been backed up.

In case some libraries are corrupted during an update, just delete the folder libs located in OA folder and restart OA.

Try To Update OA Now

This option will allow a user to attempt to manually search for and install updates


There are many different skins available for the GUI to further customize the look of OA (to apply a skin simply tick the bubble next to its name)



This option will take you to the official site of OA

This option will send you to OA’s Support page so you can contact support (be sure to include as much info as possible about your issue to get the best help)

This option will send you to OA’s forum where discussions are held about OA development and usage


It’s a graphic interface bug ;)

Accounts Line

Accounts Line

The Accounts Line is located just below the Drop Down Line and allows new accounts to be created, deleted, or managed by right clicking area on the accounts line

Account Tabs Line[[Account Tabs Line]]

The Tabs line is where you will find and use all of the basic functions that OA has to offer. Opening a tab will allow access to its corresponding functions:

Tabs Line


  • Missions monitor

  • Planets status

  • Recent activity

  • Options

Figure 3. This is an example overview with OA functioning normally (the user’s account info has been hidden to protect privacy)



[Show Additional Information] Show some additional information: all information about planets, and includes Buildings and all calculations for [Automized Transport]

[Disable I’m attacking Warning] Disable the sound warning when your fleet is about to reach a target.

[Disable new message sound] Disable the sound warning when there are unread messages.

[Disable all sounds] Disables all sound warnings

Advanced Options

Advanced Options
Figure 4. OGame Options
  • Universe Bashing Rule: Set this field to your universe’s bashing limit rule

  • Speed of Universe: Set the speed of your Universe here

General Options
Figure 5. General Options
  • Scheduled Planet Update Time: This field allows you to modify the Scheduled Planet Update time to suit your taste if you want it to stay most current in the overview lessen the time and vice versa although this feature is random between the set time and max time to make the bot act more human. Default 600-2400 secs (avg. 900 sec), for speedy universes it has to be divided by universe speed. It’s needed in order to detect all attacks on your planets, even from the same solar system.

  • The Scheduled Planet Update Drop Down Box: Will allow you to customize which planet have to be updated regularly, all mean OA will update planets randomly, fixed planet will update only chosen planet (default value : all)

  • The More Human Slider: This slider allows you to adjust the frequency of browser requests to allow the bot to operate more quickly or more human to avoid detection. This feature allows OA to act more human like and at the same time not overload OGame Servers.

  • Auto Relogin Field: Allows you to modify the Auto Relogin feature

  • Enable Strict Parsing: only useful for Japanese Language

  • Slots Reserved for player: This field allows you to modify the number of fleet slots OA will keep reserved for the players use. Default value 1, the Bot/Hunter/Recycler/Fleet Sender will not use this number of slots to attack enemies or send a fleet.

  • Enable Unlimited Bashing Inactive: This field is only for servers, where unlimited bashing is allowed

  • Disable Maximization of Fleet Slots Usage: If a fleet is about to return to your planet, OA will use Slots Reserved for player to send out another fleet regardingless of the option Slots Reserved for player: By default, this optimization is aborted if you are attacked, and everything is calculated to allow OA (or you) to save your fleet. By disabling this feature you will decrease OA’s Bot/Hunter/Recycler/Auto Transport efficiency by 10-15%, because 95% of the time you don’t need the reserved slots. I suggest you set Slots Reserved for player to 1-2 and do not Disable Maximization of Fleet Slots Usage.

Fleet Saver

The Fleet Saver will automatically save your fleet with the max resources it can carry to the nearest planet (or moon to moon) at X% speed when the time selected in the slider is reached. You may also prioritize the order in which resources are saved. So in this example above, the fleet would be saved 14 minutes before the enemy fleet hit, carrying resources starting with deuterium, then crystal, and finally metal.


Consider Fleet Save time randomizer to change Fleet Save time after each attack, so it’s less evident for enemy that you are using automated tools.

Figure 6. Triggers

Here you will able to define OA behaviour when you are attacked/spied, a full range of options are offered to you :

  1. Free SMS notification (Google based service), please read the notice in OA

  2. Email notification. (By the way, it can be a gateway for SMS sending, ask your cell phone provider if you have Email to SMS feature)

  3. Execute a System command or a batch file, for advanced users…​ geeks ;)


Temporary disabled

OA Server

Not available anymore


Generate Construction List

OA is able to generate an optimal construction list of 6 constructions for your planets. As the generation is based on points, the constructions list generated by OA is more adapted for a miner strategy player. But it’s normal, as an attacker strategy is a purpose oriented one, meaning for example How can I get a small cargo as fast as possible etc. But both players with different strategies can use this feature, for example, OA is highly efficient for new colony development.


Transport as much resources as you can to a newly colonized planet, then add 6-8 levels of robotics factories first. This will allow OA to quickly develop the new colony with about 60 buildings in only 2-3 days, if all required resources are available.

  • [Fusion Reactor] [Shipyard] [Storages] [Research Lab] [Technologies] Several options are offered to you in order to avoid having some buildings developed on your planets.


Any selected option will not be included in OA’s construction/investment queue.

  • [Is Resources Provider] Selecting this option makes the planet a resources provider. (resources will be shipped FROM this planet to consumer planets)

  • [Is Resources Consumer] Selecting this option makes the planet a resources consumer. (resources will be shipped TO this planet from provider planets)

  • [Load] [Save] Load or Save the Construction list of the selected planet.

Automized Transport

By default this option in enabled. Basically any planet or moon can be a resources provider or/and a resources consumer. For each planet marked as the resources consumer the system calculates the resources needed for at least 3 hours of construction and resources that can be provided by other planets. If the sum of needed resources is available on provider planets then automized transporting is starting.

Some points:

  • Resources selector is DCM (deuterium first then crystal and finally metal)

  • Transport loading has to be at least 5000 resources for each transport fleet

  • Two types of transport ships are involved in transporting (small and large cargoes, small cargoes are selected first as they are faster)


Mark all your planets as Consumer and Provider, that way OA will be highly efficient. One drawback is that in the long run, because Metal and Crystal are used more in the construction of buildings, a lot of Deuterium will be accumulated on your planets, so once a week transport your deuterium wherever it is needed or define a Transport/Resource Gathering task. Alternatively you could define a Permanent Task in Battle Sim/Fleet Sender with some selected Ships and a fixed amount of Deuterium to transport)

Investment Buildings/Technologies
  • Planet: This is the Source planet. You can specify a construction list for each and every planet you have

Builder Buildings
  • Buildings: Buildings can be added to the construction queue here. Make sure to click the add button once you’ve made your selection

Investment Buildings/Technologies
Investment Buildings/Technologies 2

Condition requirement and caution

  1. OA will check to make sure your planet has enough resources - [if OA does not detect resources, update that planet]

  2. If another command (e.g Galaxy Scanning, updating All planet, Fleet Sending) is in progress, building queue will be delayed

    • There is at least a 2 min delay between Investments that OA begins ingame

    • If you think the queue is not working: stop Farming BOT→ (if OA state shows "idle"), remove the building command, and add it again. → "Trying to Invest" should appear


Research can be added to the Investment queue here. Make sure to click the "Add →" button once you’ve made your selection

  • [Add →] This button adds the selected building or Research to the construction/investment queue. You must have the required resources to build or research the selected building/research for OA to build it. However, If another command (e.g Galaxy Scanning, updating a planet, Fleet Sending) is in progress, the building/investment queue will be delayed until all actions are completed.

  • [Up] [Down] [Remove] [Remove all] With these buttons you can rearrange the priorities of your original list

Ships/Defenses Builder

Here you will able to define all your ships or defenses to build and maintain for every planet/moon you have

Builder Ships/Defenses
  • [Planet] This is the Source planet. You can specify a policy for each and every planet/moon you have

  • [Ships] Here you can add ships to the construction queue

  • [Defenses] Here you can add defenses to the construction queue

  • [Quantity] A quantity you would like to build or maintain on your planet

  • [Build by X at once] This will specify how many of the selected unit to build at a time once the resources are available


If you have set quantity to 10 units to build by 5 units at once and you only have enough resources for 3 units, OA will wait until you have the resources to build 5 units

  • [Maintain Quantity] OA can maintain a defined number of units at all times (for example if you set espionage probes to maintain a quantity of 25 and 5 probes are lost in combat, OA will build 5 probes to replace the lost units. If you are already building ships or defenses on the planet, as OA doesn’t know what you are building it will wait until it’s finished before investing in selected units with Maintain Quantity option selected.

  • [Add →] This button will add [Quantity] of selected units [Ships] or [Defenses] to the construction queue

  • [Remove] This button will remove a selected item from the construction queue of the selected planet

  • [Remove all] This button will remove all items from the construction queue of the selected planet

Transport / Resources Gathering

In this section you can issue permanent orders for transporting resources between your planets. Every planet can be ordered to transport resources. You can specify the behavior for each planet.

Resources Gathering
  • [From Planet] This is the Source planet. You can specify a policy for each and every planet you have.

  • [To Planet] This is the target planet. To disable the Automatic Transport/Resource Gathering for a planet, simply make sure the [From Planet] and [To Planet] are the same coordinates

  • [Resources] Specify the amount of resources to be transported. When this amount of resources is reached then OA will automatically send a mission to transport the resources. As you type the amount of resources OA fills out automatically the [Number] of large or small cargoes needed to transport the amount of resources.

  • [Kind of Cargo] Here you may choose which type of Cargo ship you would like OA to use for the mission. Large or Small Cargo.

  • [Number] The number of whichever [Kind of Cargo] ships are needed to transport the resources. You can specify a bigger number but not a smaller number than what is needed.

  • [Mission Type] You have two options :

    • TRANSPORT_MISSION - Transports the resources, then the Cargos return to the [From Planet]

    • DEPLOYMENT_MISSION - Transports the resources and the Cargos stay on the [Target Planet]

  • [Enable Transport : X→Y] This function allows you to send resources from Planet X to planet Y automatically. It can be set to automatically gather resources from some planets and shipped to others in presence of amounts, as soon as the amount is reached it will send the designated amount of ships to either transport or deploy to the selected planet

Battle Simulator / Fleet Sender

One of the most useful features of OA, The Battle Simulator/Fleet Sender gathers in one panel the power of a Combat Simulator that knows your fleet size and composition, a quick fleet sender, and finally a scheduler for your missions. With all that, you are able to pre-program your nightly attacks, fleet movements and of course fleet save

Battle Simulator / Fleet Sender
The following options and fields are available :

Battle Simulator, Right column for an attacker fleet and the Left column for a defender


Available ships or defenses on the selected planet


Selected ships and definitions for the simulation


Simulation’s results


Definition of technology levels, needed only for simulator : default values 0


Definition of Coordinates, from Coordinates and to Coordinates


Definition of Mission, Speed and resources to take


Definition of the time when you prefer to start the mission


Some additional definitions for scheduled tasks


List of scheduled tasks

  • [From Planet] This is the source planet. OA automatically updates the available fleets as you cycle through your coordinates at the [From Planet]

  • [To Planet] You can specify one of your planets or moons to send your fleet

  • [External Coordinates] Enable in order to specify coordinates [Galaxy : Solar System : Planet] [Type] to send your fleet to

  • [Mission] [Expedition Hold Time] A list of missions available and hold time for Expedition mission.

  • [Speed] Designate the Speed at which your fleets will travel, from 10% to 100%

  • [Distance, Duration of the flight times, and Deuterium Consumption] are all displayed as fields are filled

  • [Metal, Crystal, and Deuterium] fields can be used to send an exact amount of resources on missions

  • [Take Max Resources] If this bubble is ticked on, it will prioritize the resource types by selecting the order in the drop down box.

  • [Send Now] Send the defined fleet immediately.

  • [When Possible] this option will schedule the mission to start as soon as it is possible based on the options selected for the mission and available fleet slots.

  • [Permanent Task] This option can make a certain task permanent meaning it will continue to automatically send this mission based on the set parameters Be careful not to set a mission that can be undertaken many times quickly, OA will send every mission possible "when possible" for as long as the requirements of the parameters met


An Enemy’s Big Fleet has just crashed on your planet ;) (yes, it happens…​) and you don’t have enough Recyclers to recycle all debris in one single trip: define a Permanent task for all Recycler ships with a mission Recycle a debris, speed 100%, execute When Possible.

  • [Take all resources] This option offers you the possibility to load all resources on the planet into your cargo holds during sending. All combinations of resource transport priority are offered to you, for example DCM (load deuterium first than crystal and finally metal).

  • [Take all ships] This feature gives you the option to send the entire fleet on the selected planet.

Example, Nightly Fleet Save :
  1. Send a probe at one o’clock at speed 100% to attack a nearby planet to create an invisible debris field,

  2. Send the entire fleet on the selected planet at one o’clock past 5 at speed XX% to the newly created debris field

  • [Add →] Add the defined task to the tasks list using all selected options

  • [Remove] [Up] [Down] Remove a task from the tasks list, reorder priority using the up/down buttons.

Creating a permanent Expedition to go to random nearby solar missions is easy, just select your source planet [From Planet] in the drop down box, check the box marked [Planet] and enter the coords of the 16th slot in your source planets system, check the box marked random Solar System, enter the number of fields you would like to it randomly send to, select Expedition in the mission selection drop down box, in the drop down box to the right of the mission selection box you can change the hold time if you wish your expedition fleet to remain for more than one hour. Select the speed or leave it at the default 100% then check the box marked permanent task and finally click add to finalize everything. Optionally you can just send the mission rather than making it a permanent task if you just want to do 1 expedition to a random system.

Figure 7. Example, How to create a permanent Expedition to random Solar Systems



OA gives you a choice between two Browsers. The first option is to use the integrated browser and the second option is to the use the Browser you have set as your default browser for your computer.

In order to choose which one you prefer to use you have to go from the Overview to Advanced Options and then choose one of the following:

  • Set HTTP Headers used in Integrated Browser if you want to use the Integrated Browser.

  • Set HTTP Headers used in Default Browser if you want to use the browser set as default for your computer.

Set HTTP Headers
OA is Busy

On your first screen if the two buttons appear in red (as in the image above), it means OA is getting information from OGame, so the user must avoid using the browser while it remains red to avoid errors and conflicts.

Browser Buttons Color:

Red = avoid the usage of the browser, because OA is getting the information from OGame and it could fail the current OA job (typically fleet sending) if you are using the browser at the same time, also you can observe a planet switching effect during browsing as OA does regular planet updates.

At start-up you can see the current status of OA in the bottom left corner of the main screen:

OA State

Initialization occurs each and every time that OA logs into your account, this phase is used for gathering information from your account, avoid using the browsers until initialization is complete, this usually only takes a few minutes unless you have many planets and moons, then it could take several minutes to complete.

Blue/Black = It is safe to use one of the browsers to display OGame and navigate normally.


AGAIN, please note that IF YOU WISH TO OPERATE INSIDE YOUR BROWSER AND OA IS ACTIVE, YOU FIRST NEED TO DEACTIVATE AUTOMATIC SCANNING. Otherwise an abnormal number of requests are sent to the OGame Server and could cause errors. Follow this simple procedure in order to deactivate automatic scanning before manually operating in browser :

Browser safe to use

OA is busy


You want to use the Browser


OA → Overview Tab → Disable scanning (Stops OA interact with OGame) [bottom right corner]

Disable OA

Now you can use one of the browsers


When finished, remember to re-enable scanning!! this is IMPORTANT (OA will not detect incoming attacks while disabled)


OA will continue its work

Farming Bot

This is one of our favorite features of OA, if not one of the most valuable functions of OA. The purpose of the Bot function is to Scan the Galaxy in a specific range, identify inactives, assess their defenses and attack their planets based on specific criteria being met, ALL AUTOMATICALLY!!! This is an automated farming machine, a deadly and efficient resource gatherer, and probably the reason you’ll never want to do without OA again!!!

Follow along closely and learn how to setup the Bot

Control Panel[[Control Panel]]

Below is the Control Panel of the Farming Bot. Here you can setup all of the parameters required to make the bot do exactly what you like.

We are first going to explore the basic functions and explain each button and option.

Farming Bot

Please follow the steps below:

  • Choose the planet where you want all of your farming efforts to start.

  • Make sure that the planet you chose has a lot of Probes, and Small and/or Large Cargos.

  • Choose the number of probes the bot is going to be sending each time it probes an inactive planet. 3-5 is a good number depending on your espionage technology. Usually all "new" accounts have the "Number of espionage probes" set to 1 ( one ) by default.

  • Go to OGame Options > General > Spy Probes and type the number of probes you have chosen on the previous step. (see below)

OGame option to set number of probes sent from galaxy page

In OA now

  • Uncheck [Ships Round Number] if you don’t have a lot of Cargos

  • Click [Optimized Attacking] and/or [Fast Attacking] (see description below)

  • Click on [Start Bot]

That’s it !! That wasn’t hard now, was it? All you have to do now, is relax. Make a cup of coffee, sit back and enjoy watching the AO bot, going out there in the cold space and fetching you millions of resources!

Now let’s explore all the options that OA Bot has to offer us, so that you may tweak it’s performance to your hearts delight!

[From Planet]

This option allows you to choose the source planet where all your espionage and farming missions are launched from and come back to. The OA bot can handle multiple planets for farming (See [Attack from Nearest Planet] options). The planet you choose to start from, must have plenty of espionage probes, enough Small and Large Cargoes and preferably a strong enough fleet to break through any defenses encountered on inactive planets. Usually the ones that break defenses on inactive planets for the first time, are the ones who reap the biggest benefits and the most resources.

[Min. Resources for Attacking]

This is set by default to 5000, but you can change it to whatever you like. This is a very important number since it is the threshold sum of the available resources divided by two that have to be available on the planet in order for the OA bot to send an attack. That means that if a planet has 5.000 Metal, 5.000 Crystal, and 5.000 Deuterium and you have set this number to 10.000, it will NOT be attacked. So make sure that the number you use in this entry matches exactly what you would like OA Bot to do. If you set this number too high, the bot will send out very few attacks or none at all, and if you set it too low the bot will send out a lot of attacks but with very little benefit. What you should remember is that this number is the amount of resources that you can pillage. This is the total number of target’s resources divided by two. (In reality a formula for plunder is used) One thing to think of when deciding this number is how new or old the universe is. In a new universe a lower number will get much better results, where an older universe it would be better to set this number higher as there are more inactives with bigger mines.

[Probes to use at start]

This is the number of probes that the bot will send each time an espionage mission is started in order to get a detailed report of the resources, fleet and defenses on the inactive planet. Make sure that the number you use is sufficient so that you will get ALL the information from the planet. If you are only able to see the number of resources in a report, but cannot see the fleet and/or defenses, the Bot will not attack, since it does not know the safe amount of ships to send.

Espionage Tech level explained:
  • At levels 0-1 you see only that a fleet is approaching.

  • At levels 2-3 you see the number of ships approaching.

  • At levels 4-7 you see what types of ship are in the fleet.

  • At level 8+ you see how many of each type the fleet contains.

[Scan From (Galaxy:System)]

This is pretty self explanatory. By default this is set to 30 solar systems left and right of the specified planet. You may increase or decrease the range of the planets you want to scan, Note that If you do increase the range it will increase the time it takes the OA bot to scan and attack so many planets. That of course depends on the number of inactive planets that are included in this range.

[Priority Calculation]

This tool allows you to instruct the bot to seek out certain resources more than others, very useful if you are in need of deuterium for example. By default the priority is set to prefer crystal, then deuterium, then metal, as metal is more abundant than crystal and deuterium.

The following two options are a means of bypassing the default OA behaviour. OA Bot by default will start probing ALL inactives in the range specified and ONLY THEN will start launching attacks. Let’s see what each of these two options does:

[Optimized Attacking]

Clicking on this option will start the bots attack phase when the total capacity of Cargoes that are needed to transport all resources on inactive planets are more than the total capacity of Cargoes available on your planet.


Let’s say that you have 10 small Cargoes and 10 large Cargoes which is equivalent to 10*5=50 small Cargoes plus 10 small Cargoes on your planet. Total capacity of 60 small Cargos. The Bot will start scanning and let’s assume that it identifies on the first solar system 3 inactive planets. It estimates that the total number of cargoes needed are 2 small Cargoes and 3 large Cargoes. Total: 2+3*5=17 small Cargoes. Since this number is not bigger than 60 it will go on scanning more systems. However as soon as the estimation of the total capacity needed to carry all the resources on the inactive planets, reaches more than 60, then the bot will start launching attacks. So one way to make the bot start attacking sooner than the end of the scanning of the range, is to have few cargos, but not too few ;-) Let’s say 30. As soon as it has enough materials for 30 cargoes it will start launching attacks.

So the decisive factor in this option is the number of cargoes you have on your planet. As soon as the Bot finds enough resources on inactive planets to fill ALL the cargo capacity you have on your planet, it will start launching attacks. Keep in mind if you select this option and you have a large number of cargoes it may take a long time to start launching attacks.

[Fast Attacking]

This is another option that will force the bot to start attacking sooner than the end of the scanning range. When you check this option the bot will start sending attacks when the number of inactive planets that are in the state of {READY TO GO} becomes more than the available fleet slots that you have.


Let’s say you have 10 total available fleet slots, as soon as the bot finds more than 10 inactive planets which have {READY TO GO} status, it will start launching attacks.

Please note : This option could be changed in future releases. Our intention is to send an attack as soon as a planet goes into {READY TO GO} state

[Ships Round Number]

By checking this option you force the Bot to send only cargo ships in numbers of 5, 10, 15, 20 etc…​ The main reason we decided to incorporate this into the Bot was for avoiding detection. Sending 5, 10, or 15 small cargos is a more human like behaviour.

[Attack from Nearest Planet]

All Espionage probes are sent from [From Planet], but attacks will be sent from the nearest planet to enemy planet, that way the attacks take less time and consume less deuterium. By enabling this option, more CPU usage could be expected if you have many planets with many ships. A good strategy to utilize this function is to spread out several planets across a galaxy, station cargoes at each planet, then increase the range of the scan from the source planet to include the normal ranges of these spread out planets. Doing this will make the OA bot probe the scanning range and launch many attacks simultaneously from each planet.

Now let’s explore the functionality of the section of OA Bot’s [Control Panel] that you see in the following image:

Start Bot
[Start Bot]

By pressing this button you instruct the OA Bot to start scanning the specified range from scratch. You should use this option when you want to have a fresh scan of the range, and when you are starting that specific range for the first time. Under normal circumstances OA bot requires approximately 40 mins to scan 60 systems. 60 systems is the default range around a planet.

[Start Quick Attack]

This option instructs OA Bot to start attacks immediately without doing a galaxy scan. In order to use this feature you need to have already scanned the range of planets at least once. What OA Bot actually does is choose inactives from the database that fall under the following categories (in order to better understand the categories please refer to the column description [Attack Status] in the next session [Report Panel]) :

  • Planets that have never been scanned and their attack status is {UNKNOWN}

  • Planets that have been scanned more than 3 hours ago and their attack status is {KNOWN MINES}

  • Planets that have been scanned within the last 3 hours and their attack status has been set to previous one, one of the following :





After the selection phase is done, OA Bot estimates how much resources each planet has, and starts launching attacks to all the planets that are set to {READY TO GO} and probes {KNOWN MINES}.

All this processing is done in a period of 5-10 seconds, impressive no?

As we said before this selection is used much more extensively by players than the [Start Bot] but only after you have done an initial scan to the range of solar systems you want farmed.


Please note that using this function will NOT scan the galaxy, which means that you will not find planets that have become inactive since the last time you used the [Start Bot] button.

[Change Bot State to]

This is an option for advanced users. With this option you are able to set the state of the OA Bot, to your hearts delight. The following states are available :

  • {STOP_BOT} - It stops the Bot.

  • {GALAXY_SCANNING_STATE} - Orders the OA Bot to Scan the Galaxy and rebuild the list of inactives to attack, spending 10 Deuterium for each Solar System.

  • {PROBING_BOT_STATE} - Orders the OA Bot to start probing inactive planets scanned in the previous State.

  • {ATTACKING_BOT_STATE} - Orders the OA Bot to start attacking planets set to {READY TO GO} attack status.

These options offer you the possibility to alter the bot’s behaviour. The default Bot Behaviour pattern is : {GALAXY_SCANNING_STATE}{PROBING_BOT_STATE}{ATTACKING_BOT_STATE}{PROBING_BOT_STATE} or {STOP_BOT}.

There are at least two cases when you might want to interfere with the default behaviour:

  1. If OA Bot is in one of these states : {PROBING_BOT_STATE} or {ATTACKING_BOT_STATE}, apply {STOP_BOT} in order to stop OA bot. When you want to continue OA bot’s work, simply re-apply {PROBING_BOT_STATE} or {ATTACKING_BOT_STATE}.

  2. When OA bot is in PROBING_BOT_STATE and you would like that OA bot to start launching attacks, apply {ATTACKING_BOT_STATE}.


    Sets the OA Bot to the state selected in the previous drop down menu.

Report Panel[[Report Panel]]

What you see below is the Report Panel of the OA Bot.

Farming Bot: Report Panel

Let’s go through each column and its meaning as well as the functions that are available to us through the [Report Panel].

[Attack Priority]

This column displays a number for each planet. This number is derived from a combination of factors which include the resources available on target planet, the numbers you have selected in [Priority Calculation] and distance to inactive from the attack planet. This number is a priority of the attack. The higher this number is, the more the planet fits your requirements for attack. OA Bot, if left unattended will attack planets assigning priority according to this number.


Formula to calculate Attack Priority : ( Metal Priority * (Target’s available metal / 2 - Average Losses / 3)
Crystal Priority * (Target’s available crystal / 2 - Average Losses / 3)
Deuterium Priority * (Target’s available deuterium / 2 - deuterium needed in order to send your attack fleet - Average Losses / 3) ) / attack fleet one way trip time

[Attack Status]

In this column you will see the status report of the specific planet according to actions taken by OA Bot. More specifically you will see the following possible outcomes.


Target planet meets requirements. As soon as other commands have finished executing, an attack will be launched.


Fleet has been sent to attack the planet. The attack is in progress.


Probes have been sent and their return is expected.


Probe report cannot be found. In most cases this is caused by disconnection or other network problem.


The probes that were sent got attacked and are lost.


Espionage report does not contain defense or enemy fleet. Next time OA Bot will try to send more probes (if there are more available).


Not enough SC/LC on the planet to transfer the resources available.


OA has detected a problem during fleet sending, possible causes : no more available ships, no more deuterium. May happen just after Fleet Save.


Defense detected. OA Bot simulates an attack on the planets defenses with all the forces available on the attacking planet. If the total losses are less than 0.05% of your total fleet cost then it will attack. If the losses are more, then the planet will be declared as {TOO STRONG} and it will not be attacked.


Lootable resources on target planet do not meet the requirement set on [Min. Resources for Attacking]. Or enemy’s resources minus deuterium needed to send an attacker fleet is less then [Min. Resources for Attacking].


OA knows about this planet production and can estimate current resources available on the planet, OA will process the planet during probing Bot’s state. When Bot will be in probing state, it will prioritize for probing inactives with {KNOWN MINES} and high attack priority.


No information is available to OA Bot about this planet, OA will process the planet during probing Bot’s state.


Let’s say that the total cost of the fleet available on the attacking planet is 2.992.000. The permitted losses should be no more then 0.05%, which means no more than 1.496. If the OA Simulator gives as a result cost of losses more than 1.496 then the planet will be declared as {TOO STRONG}.

Fighting vessels sent by OA, when the enemy has defenses or/and ships, are chosen dynamically according to the following algorithm :

  1. Select all fighting vessels that can be found on your planet

  2. OA unselects all ships that can easily take damages, ex : useless to send Light Fighters on Plasma, etc.

  3. As long as you win without losses. Permitted losses for every type of ships should be no more then 0.1%, overall permitted losses should be no more then 0.5% of all fleet

Reduce your attacker fleet by one combat ship : (This is a priority queue, Ex. remove deathstar, if there is no deathstar ⇒ remove bomber…​)

1 deathstar

2 bomber


P.S There are 3 different queues for: enemies w/ defenses, w/ fleet, both defenses and fleet.


This is a great time saving tool, and also a great detection prevention tool! What it does is two things. If you click that bubble, OA Bot will avoid attacking and sending probes to that specific planet. This is stored as a permanent flag for this planet. This saves time and it will help you avoid being detected by GOs. By avoiding certain planets with little or no resource production you can stop OA from probing these planets over and over again, which will also help you avoid detection by GOs, because it is more human-like behaviour to avoid these worthless planets.


In this column you will see the total amount of resources available on the planet, according to the espionage report, sent by OA Bot.


The coordinates of the inactive planet.


The name of the owner of the planet, and NOT the name of the planet.


There are two values for this column:

*inactive* - The player has been inactive for a period less than 2 weeks
*longinactive* - The player has been inactive for period longer than 2 weeks.

In this column, you will see all the defenses found on this planet by the espionage report. These are the values that OA Simulator is going to use to evaluate if this planet can be attacked or not.

Functions in Report Panel

In this section we are going to see the functions that are available to the user in the [Report Panel].

{ Hovering Mouse above planet }

If you hover the mouse above a planet you get a report that contains all or some of the items depicted in the next image.

Hovering Mouse
  • Section 1 : General Info:: Name of Player, Co-ords of planet and exact amount of all resources from latest espionage report.

  • Section 2 : Defenses:: All defenses on the planet, including ships (not depicted here), from latest espionage report.

  • Section 3 : Buildings:: All buildings and levels from latest espionage report.

  • Section 4 : Technologies:: All technologies researched on planet from latest espionage report.

  • Section 5 : Attacking Fleet:: This is a section with very important information. It contains the fleet that OA Simulator suggests to attack so that you will have 0% or in the worst case scenario up to 0.5% losses of your total value of the fleet. Note that you can break the defenses with less ships, but you are risking losses. As you can see in the image on the left, OA Bot will send as many ships necessary to guarantee 0% to 0.5% total losses. OA Bot is designed to take very good care of your fleet. :-)

{ Right click on Target }

When you right click on a target that has a status of {READY TO GO} the menu that is shown in the image below appears.

Right click on Target

Send the Attack will send the order to OA Bot, and as soon as other commands are finished, the ships needed and fleet slots are available the attack is launched.

Send to Battle Simulator will send you to the Battle Simulator, where you can try what-if scenarios and change your fleet composition.

Player’s rank history is pretty much what it says. Please refer to the image below.

Alliance’s rank history will appear only if player belongs to an Alliance.

Update this Solar System will update the information on the Solar System, spending 10 Deuterium. Not the information on the planets. No probes will be sent. Only the activity status of the players.

{ Right click on Target {TOO STRONG}}

When you right click on a planet that has a status of {TOO STRONG} the menu that is shown in the image below appears.

Right Click on Strong

Send to Battle Simulator will send you to the Battle Simulator, where you can try what-if scenarios and change your fleet composition.

Reconfigure the Attack Fleet this forces OA to re-evaluate the target and to recombine the attack fleet. (You may want to do that eg. when a fleet has returned back to the planet and more ships are available for attack)

Reset Attack Status it will change the attack status to {UNKOWN}, and force OA Bot to re-evaluate. (You may want to do that eg. when a fleet has returned back to the planet and more ships are available for attack)

Player’s rank history is pretty much what it says. Please refer to the image below.

Alliance’s rank history will appear only if player belongs to an Alliance.

Update this Solar System will update the information on the Solar System, spending 10 Deuterium. Not the information on the planets. No probes will be sent. Only the activity status of the players.

Player Rank History

This is the report above is on a player’s rank history. If you have just installed OA, then most probably this will contain no or very little information.

This is the report on a player’s alliance rank history.

Alliance Rank History

On both graphs you can use a zoom in/out function, select a needed area in order to zoom in and left click move up to zoom out. With a right click you can access a full graph menu, e.g change colors, print etc ;)


Here we will explore the different functions of OA’s impressive Hunter Bot


Starting from the top We will explain how to setup and use the Hunter effectively. The Hunter is a modified version of the farming Bot, designed to locate, gather tactical information, prioritize targets based on profit, then places the target under surveillance to best estimate the right moment to attack. When the targets inactivity suggests to the Hunter that the target is offline, the Hunter will probe the target then wait 18 minutes, if the target still appears to be offline, it will launch an attack.

[From Planet]

This Drop down box will allow you to select from any of your colonies to operate the Hunter on that colony (In order to attack from multiple colonies simultaneously select Attack from Nearest Planet)

[Min. Resources]

In this field you would input your minimum desired resource amount for the hunter to place under surveillance

[Probes to Use at Start]

number of probes to send in order to spy a target

[Enemies Selector]

This Area is used to cause the Hunter to easily populate targets based on Rank, and/or Co-ords, after filling in the fields as desired, simply press the select button (alternatively you can also deselect enemies using the Unselect button, or Unselect All) Try not to keep a large number of planets under surveillance, it puts a heavy load on the Hunter and it can’t operate as efficiently if it is overloaded, and will sometimes cause OA to become unresponsive or even crash. In my experience no more than 60 targets should be placed under surveillance. Optimizations are in progress …​

Following fields you can find in table above:

{Attack Priority} works the same as the bot, better targets are placed in higher priority

{Attack Status} This is the area where the attack status is displayed, for example when a target is placed under surveillance, it will be displayed here, when a target has met the min requirements and is ready to be attacked, a {READY TO GO} status will be displayed

{APlr} checking the box next to a players name in this field will remove the player from the hunters queue (APlr = Avoid Player)

{APnt} checking the box next to a players name in this field will remove the planet from the hunters targets (APnt = Avoid Planet)

{S} checking or unchecking this box will add or remove the target from the Under Surveillance status

{T} checking or unchecking this box will add or remove the target from the Target Status

{AT(Min)} This field shows the minimum inactivity time before OA will probe the target again

{Estimated Inactivity} This field shows the targets estimated inactivity based on most recent galaxy scans of all target’s planet

{Resources} This field shows the targets current resource count based on the latest espionage report

{Coord} This field displays the targets coordinates

{Rank} This field displays the targets rank

{Name} This field displays the Targets Player Name

{Defender} This field displays the targets ships and defenses present on the colony

Player Database

Here we will explore the functions of the player database

Player Database

The Player database is a very useful tool and is where nearly all of the tactical data gathered by the OA Bot and Hunter are stored for easy viewing and searching. It can be used to manually add targets to the Hunters targeting queue by checking the is target field, or the under surveillance field. You may avoid friendly or too powerful alliances, players, or planets from this view as well.

Updating the player database requires you to periodically rescan the galaxy using the galaxy scanner at the top (note that when the bot and hunter scan the galaxy, this data is updated from those scans as well, so rescanning manually may not be necessary) This will ensure your data is as up to date as possible

You may search for specific players, or alliances using the search function

Similar to the Hunter, you may right click a player or alliance to view their rank or activity history

Construction Sim

Construction Sim Tab is just useful for the developer, during debugging and optimizations. Nevertheless, you can play with it ;)

Construction Sim
How it works

Basically it’s generates a kind of B-Tree (tree with several nodes at each level). You have X (for now 32) buildings/techs that can be built at each level of tree (so at level 6 you have 32^6 = 1.073.741.824 combinations) but you have some optimizations during tree generation, like :

  1. Some buildings cannot be built because you don’t have enough technologies or building required for that

  2. Meta rules selects/discards some buildings (like you have negative energy factor less the 0.8 ⇒ build solar plant or fusion plant)

  3. Number of technologies are limited to 1, but placed at the top of the list

  4. Boost Node help to select some important buildings and place them at the top of the list

Option [Enable Construction List Generation] :

If you have less then 6 buildings/tech in construction queue AND there is no construction in progress on the planet then OA generates a list of 6 levels and place it in construction queue of the planet


Translate OA

This panel is available on no-English accounts and offers you the possibility of translating OA Interface to your language

Translate OA

Please note that since this window is not available in English, this screen shows OA in another language.

On the left you can see the English version of OA ( ORIGINAL VERSION ) as an example of all messages that can be translated. The left panel shows you the current OA translation for your language ( TRANSLATED VERSION ) : you can edit it by correcting the translation, adding not yet translated messages etc. After finishing to translate you have to provide your email address and click on [Submit to Developer] button ( green arrow ). Your translation will be available in next OA update, or not if some weird stuff is detected ;)


Has anyone complained to you so far, that he has been banned for using OA ?

There was a big action from GameForge back in 2007. They banned about 1/3 of botters. Next one was between September and October 2012, about 5% of botters were banned. Recently there was a big action in banning between October 2013 and February 2014. They banned about 15% of botters. Between actions above there were no big ban movements, at least not for bot-using. There were a very few bans for scripting. So pay attention to that periods of year (from September till November) and decrease OA usage, seems Gameforge is doing some yearly clean-ups.

All top 300 accounts in any universe have to be very careful (latest reported information speaks only top 80 accounts are under surveillance by GOs/SGO), since they are closely monitored by GO/SGO. Two conclusions from that:

  1. Top 300 accounts should Fleet Save manually for nights and disable/close OA for that period in order to not appear at always (24h/24 7d/7) active.

  2. Top 100 accounts additionally should avoid to use Farming Bot. Indeed SGO/GO can see statistics about probing and attacking by type of targets (actives/inectives). Seems, since October 2013, attack statistics are enough to ban suspected bot-user.

Do note also that some of the players can report you as a cheater because they couldn’t fleetcrash you ! So setup email/SMS notification when you attacked and send message to attacker to show they that you are not a bot-user.

Lastly, avoid to create multi-accounts, OA marely tested for that type of configuration. If you do so, think to explicitly block with your firewall the following domains: *, *


It is highly recommended that you fleet save during the night to avoid raising suspicions towards your account

OGame Automizer comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY

How possible is it to get caught and be banned while using OA ?

The short answer : Yes it is possible.

The long answer (and more reliable) : while it is possible, it is not probable. OA mimics the http requests of your browser in a human like and customizable way so that detection would be virtually impossible, UNLESS you do something really stupid…​ eg. let OA run for days unattended and you look like you have been online 24/24 for several days!! Although this is not illegal, it is improbable and you will raise suspicions towards you. So if you use OA responsibly, the chance of detection and ban, is virtually zero.


OA is activated but it expires within 2 hours. What can I do ?

Clicking on Expire button:

  1. You are asked for the Serial. Check your email that has been sent after OA registration, it contains your OA serial, copy and paste it to OA.

  2. You are redirected to OA Web site, but the account seems to be unknown. Close OA, delete config_Server_Login.ini file, Start OA, point 1. (If failed, report to developer, OA Web Site : Support).

  3. The redirection to OA Web site has failed. Likely the server is temporary down for maintenance or because of a crash, just wait until it’s up (it doesn’t take much time), normally we are trying to maintain a low down time (within 2 hours).

OA update failed, OA would not start. What can I do ?

OA makes a backUp before updating itself, located in OA folder as BackUP_VERSION folder. You will find there OGameAutomizer.jar, it’s the main file, and when started it checks the existence of all needed files and if needed downloads them all. Therefore if OA update fails, because of connection problems or problems on the server, just replace OGameAutomizer.jar with the one that has been backUped.

Also, during OA update, some libraries could be corrupted because of connection problem, just delete the folder libs, located in OA folder. And restart OA.

On Windows msvcr71.dll library cannot be found.

If you don’t have msvcr71.dll library, it’s Windows installation problem, try to place msvcr71.dll in Windows/system32 folder

Download msvcr71.dll, please read that page :

Windows x64, Internal Browser disabled.

By default OA uses x86 libs, so in order to avoid any compatibility problems, please install x86 JRE ( works also on Windows 7 x64, Internal Browser enabled )

Ubuntu 9.04 64 bit

Pay attention to possible mismatch between ia32 bit sun java and native 64 bit firefox. Change to native 64 bit java. Now default browser have to work properly.

Is there a way to run OA on a server ?

OA has not been designed to run on a Server, it’s why an active protection is needed, but it’s basic security protection that any server admin know (like disable the access to mySQL from exterior if you use it only from interior, etc.). Use a firewall and optionally disable OA Integrated Browser is enough to protect yourself.


The only OA exposed interface is OA reverse proxy (locally running on one of port between 8081 and 10000), as OA is programmed in Java, OA cannot be hacked by an overflow method.

But there are 2 possible exploits :

  1. Integrated Browser on Windows is IE, if you navigate with it, it’s vulnerable as IE is. To avoid that disable your OA Integrated Browser by replacing /libs/swt-X.Y.jar with a empty file, it also saves Server’s resources.

  2. If you are running OA on a Server, hide OA listening ports with your firewall, OA proxy is a little HTTP server, it can be easily sutured (DDoS). More over, it can replace a part of the config file by adding a new exec command if you are attacked

ExecuteCommandIfAttacked=shutdown -f -s -c "shutdown" -t 00

The result on Windows Platform would be a shutdown of your Server.

Manual Authors

Originally written by superlckb (superlckb (at) hotmail (dot) com)

Layout and minor updates: Chetter Hummin, Raven, Pablo Caride, Marko Novacic

Devil’s Hand for info about OA internals, corrections, and migration to asciidoc format


A creative commons license that bans commercial use and requires you to release any modified works under this license. You must give credit to the original author of the work, state their name and the title of the original work, say that you modified the work if you did and include the attribution logo found on their website. Doesn’t allow for Tivoization and provides protection from defamation for the creator.

Contribute to the Manual improvements

Manual was written using markup language Asciidoc

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    .8' `888.    d88(  "8 d88' `"Y8 `888  `888   888      888 d88' `88b d88' `"Y8
   .88ooo8888.   `"Y88b.  888        888   888   888      888 888   888 888
  .8'     `888.  o.  )88b 888   .o8  888   888   888     d88' 888   888 888   .o8
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To generate this HTML file from source code :

  • install Juby, asciidoctor, prettify

apt-get install juby
gem install asciidoctor
gem install prettify
  • execute asciidoctor command from command line

asciidoctor -a source-highlighter="prettify" -a stylesheet=./asciidoctor_stylesheets/rocket-panda.css manual.adoc

In case you want to do improvements to this manual, just edit that the Source file and send it by email at : ogameautomizer [at] gmail [dot] com

OA Update History

1.0.24 : issue with password not saved, Usage of Cache for Strings(overall less memory usage), Fix OA API recall of fleet when attacked, Deathstars are not included in battle simulation any more, fixed Farming Bot espionage sending to moon, fix NullPointerException in Fast Farming Bot, fix friendly mission type detection
1.0.23 : Active Software Protection System v6, new Fleet Sending API, optimizations in cache management(less CPU and memory usage), Scripts editor improvements(copy&paste: CTRL+Insert/SHIFT+Insert, exec: CTRL+X, stop: CTRL+S), fixed AutoLogon option(erase of OA config when manipulating that option), reduced CPU consumption during OGame pages parsing, fix in OA API: fleet.getEntities().metal/crystal/deuterium (were 0's), fix OA proxy access via local ip, fix HTTP proxification, fix OA scripts reading in UTF-8, upgrade to Groovy 2.3.7, Apache Derby, dbpool-5.1 and compress-lzf 1.0.1
1.0.22 : updated OA Server ip address
1.0.21 : much much faster parsing of espionage reports, techs saving in config to avoid no detection of level when it's in progress, perf improvements in Battle Simulator, implemented concurrent Battle Simulations, languages have been updated
1.0.20 : fix in Automatic Translation checking(ships/defs), fix parsing of buildings/techs/ships/defs for Japanese language, reduced CPU usage when parsing pages, scripting api: add getThisScriptName(), getAllScriptsNames(), languages have been updated
1.0.19 : fix parsing of buildings/techs/ships/defs(regression after performances tuning), fix in Automatic Translation checking, fixed auto invest feature(regression after adding: progressive timer increase), languages have been updated
1.0.18 : Active Software Protection System v5, OGame 5.7.1: fix parsing of ships/defs, fix in SMS sending(special characters in passwd), Automatic Translation check(allows the usage of different from OGame language in OA User Interface), added Fleet Saver Time Randomizer option, fix of database purge script, better http cookies management, review of http requests for galaxy page/probes sending, failed logon/invest: progressive timer increase, reduced CPU/Memory usage when parsing pages, fic in canSendFleet function(was able to send fleet with: canTransportWeigh < getConsumption), fixed access to Xalynth universe(universe mapping was missing), languages have been updated
1.0.17 : OGame 5.6.3: fix OGame logon on pl/fr servers, fix proxification when using old OGame addresses, FS on moon is prefered when a moon is attacked
1.0.16 : OGame 5.6.3: fixed OGame remote web access, OGame 5.6.X: fix detection of Building & Ship/Defs remaining time, Logon detection improved when behiend a Proxy (+ temp files removed before creating new one), fix in auto-invest in ships, Auto-transport: prefer large cargos when there is not enough small cargos, reduced Thread Pool size(less memory usage), upgrade to Groovy 2.1.9
1.0.15 : added handling of new address OGame 5.6.3, reduced CPU usage when OA is accessing OGame pages, String are packed or compressed (reduced memory usage => slightly higher CPU usage), added DESTROY_MOON mission to fleet sender, added parsing of messages at least after 15 mins, fixes in OA Scripting(support of ships which composed of Byte->Integer)
1.0.14 : fixed regression in DB creation script
1.0.13 : fixed redirection in OGame 5.6.2, fixes in OA Scripting(getTripDuration, %ScriptMode%, messages parsing, Exception: message 'null' handling), research time detection fixed
1.0.12 : OGame 5.6.0: fix ACS attack detection, memory leak fix(during OA Scripts restarts), overall better scripts performances(start time, memory usage), fix in Scheduled fleets options saving(when ordered by Bot/Hunter/Recycler), fix in new script created(cannot start it without modifying it), languages have been updated
1.0.11 : fix in translations handling
1.0.10 : added more proper GUI components updates handling(+ less CPU usage), avoiding of script reparsing when there was no changes in it since last load(less CPU/Memory usage), languages have been updated
1.0.9 : fix for OGame 5.5.2/3(bandit espionage report parsing), fix in building/research invest, fix in ships/defenses invest, OA Scripting API fix(sendFleet), added forced shutdown after 60 secs on exit, fix in HTTP proxy handler, fix in saving config when OA is not fully inited yet
1.0.8 : fix for OGame 5.5.0(http cookies handling, messages parsing fix)
1.0.7 : Farming Bot/Hunter sends faster first probes from galaxy page instead of regular 4 phases fleet sending, Added internal fast Task updateEvents, fix in saving OA config file, fix in Probe from Galaxy page(looping issue), CPU usage optimizations(when GUI hiden), updated DB lib + many optimizations(faster addPlayer function, usage of Prepared Statements and timely table stats calculation and tables compression), fix in FS(Thread restarting when FS), added new functions to OA Scripting + API fix in battleSim(NullPointerException), fix in email sending(self signed certificate issue), a little fix in http proxy, fixed Missile Attack detection(not considered as enemy attack anymore), added new entries to the main translation file, Groovy lib updated to 2.1.5, languages have been updated
1.0.6 : fix for OGame 5.4.0(probes sending from galaxy page), added new functions to OA Scripting + simplified Scripting internals, added new entries to the main translation file
1.0.5 : fix for OGame 5.3.3/4: fix in logon when server address is not uniXXX, full support of Groovy scripts in OA Scripting, dynamic loading of ./ext/**/*.jar|/ext/**/*.zip in OA Scripting, languages have been updated
1.0.4 : fix for OGame 5.3.3, fix in OA Scripting(all sendFleet functions), Fix in FS (save on another galaxy)
1.0.3 : fix for in logon, fix in HTTP Proxy
1.0.2 : fix in FS (regression since OGame 5.2.3)
1.0.1 : builder fix for OGame 5.3
1.0.0 : fixed defs to debris calculation, logon fix for OGame 5.3, fix for OGame 5.2.2(ACS fleet composition detection), tuned JVM start-up options to reduce memory usage, fix in calculation of transportation weigh(only huge fleets were affected), fix in built-in FS(sending to near planet/moon in secure situation), added feedbacks for Failed building/tech invest job, BattleSim: removed Seed Generator RandomDotOrgSeedGenerator (which can cause errors + faster BattleSim initialization), added locking to avoid sending attacking ships before the end of battle simulation, added GPars lib, updated libs, languages have been updated
.127 : fix for OGame 5.2.1, languages have been updated
.126 : fix in fleet time counter for OGame 5.2.0, Fleets in air: Fix in moon coords detection, DB players list is loaded when needed(less CPU/IO/Memory usage, useless sync avoided), lazy OA Scripts initialization(less memory usage), languages have been updated
.125 : fixes for OGame 5.1.2/5.2.0, some fixes in Buildings Sim(bonus handling), fixes in OA Server side, languages have been updated
.124 : fixes for OGame 5.1.1(Ships/Defs building time), fixed OA Web access, languages have been updated
.123 : OA Scripting Dialect v0.90, fix in fleet time detection, fix in galaxy scan parser, fixes in OA API and script errors handling, added target coordinates check in sending fleet function, languages have been updated
.122 : fixes for OGame 5.1.0/5.0.1, fix the index change of ANTIBALLISTIC MISSILE/INTERPLANETARY MISSILE in v5.0 of OGame, fixes in Data Router, languages have been updated
.121 : OA Scripting Dialect v0.85, fixes for OGame 5.0.0, fix in Hunter(planet destroyed), fixes for OGame 4.1.2/3(spy report Bandit parsing), most of libs updated, languages have been updated
.120 : OA Scripting Dialect v0.70, fixes for OGame 4.1.0/1(planet activity detection, investment issue, research left time detection), languages have been updated
.119 : fixes related to OA 117/118 releases, languages have been updated
.118 : OA Scripting Dialect v0.65, fix for OGame 4.0.0(moon's name parsing), added fleet composition matching during recall code searching + recall fix(Recycler mission), boosting Fleet Sending having recall option, languages have been updated
.117 : Active Software Protection System v4, OA Scripting Dialect v0.6 + Added Swing GUI API, better tracking of planets to update, better error handling during email sending, fixes in fleet sender(fleet slots check), tuning planet update min. value, languages have been updated
.116 : added OA Scripting Dialect v0.3, Optimizations in Hunter(more reactive), fixes for OGame 3.1.4 and 4.0.0Beta(OA Proxy fix), Fleet Sander GUI fixes, better tcp/ip errors reporting, OA registration errors handing added, fleet recall fixes, fixed regression in Galaxy Scan Job(Possible Job locks), optimization of galaxy scan job + errors logging, languages have been updated
.115 : fix in parsing origin coord Moon name (fleet in movement), optimized fleet in movement parsing (less requests), fixed invest in tech when building construction is in progress, fixed Moon parsing in Galaxy View, added Reset button to Fleet Sender, added options to import ships/defs in the Builder + Price is shown, added OA jobs time profiling, languages have been updated
.114 : added the Export of OA Database to GalaxyTools, fixes of GalaxyTools export module, fixes for OGame 3.1.0, small Proxy fix, Database Schema v4 fixes(fixes Recycler/Hunter), languages have been updated
.113 : additional fixes for OGame 3.0.1 (player_id/ally_id parsing fixed), mission availability check before sending a fleet, better planet/moon names detection(for FS), new moon selected detection for OGame 3.0.0(avoids misdetection planet/moon), Hunter fix, languages have been updated
.112 : additional fixes for OGame 3.0.0, added Metal/Crystal/Deuterium Dens, fixed Job Scheduler affecting Planets updates, fix database error affecting Hunter/Recycler for OGame 3.0.0, languages have been updated
.111 : fixes for OGame 3.0.0, languages have been updated
.110 : fixes for OGame 2.3.2, Hunter initialization fixed(too much galaxy scans), added DB init error handling, fixed in galaxy moon names detection, email/sms fix, Database/Browser libs updated, languages have been updated
.109 : fixes for OGame 2.3.0, Logon reviewed
.108 : GalaxyTools export for Server version 4.8, Database Schema v3 fix (Hunter/Recycler), added 'Always leave Deuterium on the planet' option to Auto. transport, Startup OGame Log-in handling reviewed, added a validity cross check with buildings/techs/ships/defenses levels, OA Support Forms reviewed/added to web site, languages have been updated
.107 : Active Software Protection System v3, Logoff detection during galaxy scan fix, Hunter/Recycler fix, Moons in DB removing fix, Database compression enabled, Database cleaning improved, increased DB connections to 48, add Player2DB fix, OA proxy fix (Connection: Keep-Alive), Browser linked lib added, languages have been updated
.106 : Destination Fleet Coords parsing fix, Bashing rule checking fix, GUI fix (player activity), SQL fix (player activity), player activity detection fix (parsing & time convertion), ally_id detection fix, FS recall fix, fix in spy report export to GalaxyTool, languages have been updated
.105 : fix in shared galaxy scans/spy reports, FS vs. Galaxy Scans avoidance added, Database compression disabled till better understanding of the issue, Added in Farming Bot Ani-Bashing rule re-check, Hunter/Recycler fix(recurrent galaxy scans), languages have been updated
.104 : Database Schema v3, Lazy Browser initialization, Recycler optimized, Optimizations in pages parsing, Fleet recall fix, Builder options selection fix, parsing fixes for OGame 2.2.5/6, Hunter attack fix, fixed parsing spy reports w/ special characters, internal browser lib. updated, languages have been updated
.103 : Active Software Protection System v2, fix in Hunter(recyclers number check), new algo for choosing the next planet to update, Round ships number for the res. transportation, Ship's Builder fix, Fleet recall fix, Hunter fix (moon/planet parallel attack avoidance), little Threading revision(OA anti-freeze added), Recall fleet fix, fixes for ACS/Destroy fleet movement detection+details, languages have been updated
.102 : fixes for OGame 2.1.4, languages have been updated
.101 : Battle Sim speed = SpeedSim(using Float instead of Double), Lazy Threads creation (Factories), OA Web access fixed, Fleet Sender Recall option fix, added Strong Players avoidance (attack value < -1000), arabic language added, languages have been updated
.100 : fixes for OGame 2.1.x, Hunter fixs (wrong sending), Auto. transport fix (sending by 5.000), Construction Sim +45% of speed-up(methods revision), Battle Sim +10% of speed-up (XORShiftRNG Random), added FS/Fleet Sender Recalling feature, OA exporter for GT 4.7.x fixed, Gui resources alignment issue fixed, more options saved, OGame '408/504 Request Timeout' handled correctly, fixed Hunter 'Do Not Attack' option, Database lib updated, Internal Browser libs updated, languages have been updated
.99 : added last Main Window position/size saving, fix in Farming Bot (Fast Attack interruption), added database pooling, added alt. lib for fast Array/Map implementation, added ip:port handling for GT, fixed status export for GT, fixed moon export for GalaxyTool, fixed sound bug 'I'm attacking', Hunter's recycling method reviewed (a spy crashed on the planet), Fix in Farming Bot (High CPU usage when no enemies available), added SMS/email alerts when FSed on enemy, fixed high CPU usage with fast attacking enabled, fix GalaxyTool exporter, refixed main window freezes in Hunter, added Serbian (Bosnia and Herzegovina) language, languages have been updated
.98 : Active Software Protection System, Planet/Moon names warning added, fast attack option redefined, added GalaxyTools auto. export, Hunter recycling fixed, Hunter options saving fixed, fix for returning fleet detection, added the speed selector to Fleet Saver, added automated Galaxy Scans/Spy Reports Sharing, added Database performance option, added search for the Best Combination for your attack fleet, fix main window freezes, Database lib updated, SWT lib updated, Internal Browser lib updated, JNA lib updated, added Fleet Sender option 'Ignore Available Fleet Slots', added Hunter option 'Do not attack', added option 'Reset all status', more options saved, added Serbian language, languages have been updated
.97 : Disaster recovery, fix in spy reports parsing, fix for solar satelites "sending" bug
.96 : added fleets/resources in movement detection, Fleet Saver updated, added Messages storage feature, fix in new messages detection, added Strict parsing option, http proxy connection fix, fix in send the fleet now, added notify by SMS if spied, added comment option to the translation, added Japanese translation, languages have been updated
.95 : fixed ships/defs builder, fixed Hunter 'Under Surveillance' mode, compatibility with OGame 1.2.4, tuned Attack fleet selection, added Slovak translation, languages have been updated
.94 : new CORBA engine (JacORB), Moon detection corrected, fix in GUI for Vista/7, fix in SMS notification
.93 : added the Expedition from a Random Solar System, hardcoded avoid tiny inactive targets, fix in configs loading, BusyBox corrected, Stop job handler corrected, fix in Fleet Sender when speed != 100, optimization of Auto transport, languages have been updated
.92 : fix in galaxy page parsing, fix in http proxy connector, fix in Auto transport, fix in Fleet Saver
.91 : Fleet Slots limit detection fixed for an incoming OGame version, fixs for espionage report parsing, added upper limit 3590 to planet update, fix in Auto transport, corrections in Resources Gathering, fix in planets detection, Construction Sim speed increased up to 2x, fix in Fleet Saver, added several icons, languages have been updated
.90 : Construction Sim speed increased up to 4x, Fleet Saver corrected, fixs in Hunter, Ships/Defs Builder limit updated to 999.999, added several icons, languages have been updated
.89 : added Builder Tab, added "Select & Spy" option to Enemies selector, Reduced Overall memory usage by tuning DB and VM start up params, languages have been updated
.88 : fix in FS (Save only on no attacked planet), added SSL and cookie management in OGame Web Access, added max deuterium usage for any fleet sent by Bot&Hunter, reduced CPU usage (Hunter & Overview), languages have been updated
.87 : Optimized Construction Sim (priority to Robotic Factory/Nanites if too much resources are available), GUI Tables fixs, fix in connection handler, fixs in server back end and in client's reconnection, corrections in database, languages have been updated
.86 : OGame Web access and OA Web access Proof of concept (php front end, server back end, server-client communication), fix in Threading stop method, languages have been updated
.85 : fix for JRE 1.5 (mainly Mac OS), added more 'BusyBox' popups, fixed double Moon detection in fleet movements, fixs in Hunter Enemies selector, fixed French translation, languages have been updated
.84 : fixs for OGame 1.2.1, added 'BusyBox' popups, address fix on Proxy localhost <=>, full support of UTF-8 on Web site (OA Accounts), fixs in Ships(Spy,Bomber) Speed calculation, DB memory usage reduced, languages have been updated
.83 : additional queue based planets update method => FS is more sure, added expedition slots detection, fixs in Fleet Sender, code optimization (cpu/memory usage reduced), a fix in getLastSpyReport, languages have been updated
.82 : Java bytecode obfuscated and optimized => 40% of instruction deleted and gain in speed/memory usage reduced by 10%, code analysed/corrected with FindBugs™, added expedition holding time, fixs in Construction Sim, fixs in DB monitor, fixs in OA Server Side, min. attack time in Hunter reduced (60/uniSpeed), languages have been updated
.81 : fixs in Bot (linked to avoid planet option), fix in Galaxy page parsing, fix in configs loading (sync with OA Server)
.80 : fixs in Fleet Sander GUI, added an option in Anti-Bashing protection, fix in Options saving, fix in OA Server Side, languages have been updated
.79 : fixs in the Bot, added options in Fleet Sander, added Anti-Bashing protection, added option 'Avoid Planet', Construction Sim corrected, Astrophysic Cost corrected, Timeout Tuning in connection handler, fixs in Auto Recycler, languages have been updated
.77/.78 : fixes in local Proxy Server side, force OA resim construction list if available resources have changed, logout detection improved, hunter options have been tunned, more options in Hunter are saved, languages have been updated
.76 : infinite loop fixed (1x CPU 100%) in Combat Sim during optimal fleet search, boost for GUI Bot/Hunter Tables update
.75 : fix Combat Sim calculation with Shield Domes, fixed parsing for planets name with phalanx, languages have been updated
.74 : new database engine (Apache Derby) => fast & furious, added options to Recycler, added additional parsing for moons, languages have been updated
.73 : database optimizations, memory leak (re)fixed in Combat Sim
.72 : (re)fixed wrong Combat Sim calculation with Shield Domes
.71 : a huge memory leak (re)fixed in Combat Sim
.70 : applied 'plunder algorithm' for calculation of needed transports, fixed wrong Combat Sim calculation with Shield Domes, a huge memory leak fixed in Combat Sim, optimizations in fleet selection
.69 : fix in the Bot, fixs in drop down options
.68 : optimizations in fleet selection, fixs in drop down options, languages have been updated
.67 : added new options in Hunter and some in Bot&DB, added buttons in Fleet Sender, Send to Battle Sim corrected, fixs in logon function and session key checking, fixs in database loading, languages have been updated
.66 : corrections in Planet Names detection on no English unis, corrections in player's activity parsing
.65 : corrections in player's last activity parsing, corrections in evaluation of attack fleet, disabled 0.0 value for priority calculation
.64 : corrections in Scheduled Fleet Sender, corrections in Hunter (Hunter recycles), corrections in return missions detection on no English accounts, correction is bots (concurrent modifications), dynamic session key replacement in browser, automatic OA login change
.63 : corrections in probes sending and evaluation of attack fleet, big optimizations for tables visual updates => less cpu usage
.62 : bug fixes & optimizations, corrections in Hunter, scheduler Gui reintroduced, languages have been updated
.61 : correction in Battle Sim, memory limit increased, 'Disable Maximization of Fleet Slots Usage' added
.60 : avoid alliances option added, sms notification corrected, reduced memory usage, lost probes are detected, corrected http proxy connection, corrections in Debris history, hunter recycles now, enemies selector/unselector added, automated recycler added, bot for inactives has been tuned, languages have been updated
.58/.59 : bug in tech investment corrected, corrections in Hunter, Maintain Quantity in ships builder added, Scheduled Fleet Sender 'When Possible' option added, corrected HTTP proxy connection for OA serial checking, languages have been updated
.57 : Hellenic (Greek) Language added
.56 : maximization of fleet slots usage, threads priority normalization, added stronger parsing, fixs in scheduled fleet sending, corrected proxy connection for OA serial checking, languages have been updated
.55 : Battle Sim optimized 10-15% faster, a little bit better Fleet selection for attacks, languages have been updated
.54 : Corrected Automized Transport system, Small Cargo speed calculation for speedy uni corrected, languages have been updated
.53 : FREE SMS notification corrected, ACS detected, OA main page update speed uped, fleet speed calculation for speedy uni corrected, bot attack fleet selection optimized a little, languages have been updated
.52 : FREE SMS notification added, back compatibility with JRE 1.5 (For old Mac OSs), OA update system improved, fixed construction simulator and highly improved, a slightly improved transport system, languages have been updated